Our Values

What we do

At Amazing start we are keen about ensuring your Child will have a bright future so they can be great leaders tomorrow.

Our kindergarten has a safe, radiant, secure and homely environment that inspires, educates and motivates the children to become independent, creative and critical thinkers who will thrive in a diverse, evolving, global society.
We are certain that through commitment to care, scholarship, character and initiative, our children will grow and succeed beyond expectations. We are the best kindergarten you will find around the areas of Kado estate, Jabi, Utako, Live Camp and Gwarinpa

Our Values

Education Services

At amazing starts, we pride ourselves in a very high quality array of educational programs. Our curriculum is British, with a mix of Nigerian and American touch which prepares the children for an internationally solid foundation and enables them to cope and excel wherever they find themselves in life. Our rooms include the Creche, toddler rooms and the nursery.

Love and Care

Dropping your child off at Amazing starts is not the end of the attention and affection they receive at home, but is rather a continuation. We understand the importance of a nurturing and accommodating environment for young minds. They need to be around people they trust and know will always be there for them, to help and assist, and that is the kind of family we are.

Child Care

Amazing starts childcare is second to none. We provide a home away from home so that your child can settle with ease and be fully integrated into the family ,The specially designed, rooms are equipped with premium quality, age-appropriate furniture and resources made specifically for little learners. Babies benefit from a dedicated sleep room, which allows for restful sleep .
Our nannies are loving and caring experienced mothers who understand perfectly the language of children and thus easily understand their needs.

Physical Activity

Exercise is important even for your Child, Adequate regular physical activity plays an essential role in both the physical and mental development of your child, it is also a great way in keeping them engaged and energetic.

After School Care

After school care service at Amazing Starts is of great benefit to children from 3 months to 12 years. We divide the children into age appropriate groups where they are well supervised and guided through their educational needs. Games, homework supervision, moral instructions and academic enhancement are part of our after school program.

Learn through play

Play time is an essential part of learning and growing up for young minds. We understand that curiosity at this level is more prominent, and with our patient, compassionate and experienced staff at the helm of this vital process, your child are sure to divert their great bursts of energy and excitement into assimilating and understanding the very necessities that help to culminate strong minds and greater individual personalities.

Toys and Games

An array of child-friendly and safe toys are made available for your ever-playing toddler. Their ranges span all preferences for both boys and girls. At Amazing starts, play time is fun time, and your child will have more than enough squishy, cuddly and plastic toys to play with till their heart’s content, and to keep them occupied as well.

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